How will you act on climate? 

That’s the question we asked at Sunday Streets Missoula this weekend, and we loved seeing your responses. It was especially great to see kids and parents talking about how they would fight climate change as a family. Some of our littlest contributors had the best ideas!

More than seventy folks shared their thoughts with us, and a few different themes stood out:

  • Clean transportation: At least a dozen of you said that you were fighting climate change by biking or taking the bus to work and school. That’s great news! Transportation is now the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks contribute the most within this sector. Reducing the number of cars on the road helps to fight climate change and improves Missoula’s air quality at the same time. Plus, once the Mountain Line switches to electric buses, the benefits will be even greater!
  • Voting for climate: A lot of folks agreed that fighting at the ballot was the best way to fight climate change. At least eight responses focused on supporting local, statewide, and national candidates who make climate change a key part of their platform.
  • Reducing consumption: Reducing and reusing materials reduces the need for manufacturing new products, and it’s another great way to cut down your family’s carbon footprint. Cutting back on single-use plastics and polystyrene helps to protect wildlife from pollution too.
  • Eating sustainably: Another group of responses focused on eating more sustainably as a way to fight climate change. Because it reduces “food miles” and cuts the global warming pollution associated with manufacturing pesticides, a lot of Missoulians seemed to agree: local and organic food is the best way to eat.
  • Going solar: Three of you committed to adding solar panels to your homes this year. Way to go!

How do you plan to fight climate change this year? We’d love to hear from you.