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Report | Environment Montana

Making Sense of Energy Storage

Energy storage technologies can be an important part of that electric grid of the future, helping to assure reliable access to electricity while supporting America’s transition to 100 percent renewable energy. This report explains how energy storage works, where and when it is necessary, and how to structure public policy to support the appropriate introduction of energy storage.

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Blog Post

Looking Back on our Trailhead Tour -- and Looking Forward to Climate Action | Skye Borden

As the summer comes to a close, we share some of our favorite pictures from our Trailhead Tour. 

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News Release | Environment America

Trump administration announces steps to replace EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Today, the Trump administration took its first step toward rolling back the EPA’s Clean Power Plan by announcing a move to replace this critical program that cuts power plant pollution. Environment America released the following statement in response:

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News Release | Environment Montana

Bee-Thankful this Thanksgiving

Bees pollinate many of the world’s most common crops, including Thanksgiving favorites like cranberries and pumpkins. Unfortunately, millions of bees are dying across the U.S. every year.

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News Release | Environment Montana Research and Policy Center

As Montanans Call for More Solar Power, Special Interest Attacks Continue to Mount

Solar power is overwhelmingly popular in Montana. And yet, as our new report shows, electric utilities like NorthWestern Energy are running aggressive campaigns to slow the growth of solar energy here and across the United States. 

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