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News Release | Environment Montana

Proposed Montana rule will help to keep children safe from lead

The Department of Public Health and Human Services is currently considering a rule that would require all public schools to test for lead in drinking water and remediate the worst cases of lead contamination. 

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Report | Environment Montana Research and Policy Center and US PIRG

Get the Lead Out

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Blog Post

Solar on all new homes could help meet Missoula's environmental challenges | Skye Borden

We need to move towards a future powered by clean and renewable energy, and taking advantage of the sun’s plentiful energy shining on our rooftops will play a key role in that transition.

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News Release | Environment Montana Research and Policy Center

New report highlights how toxic “accidents waiting to happen” threaten U.S. waterways

Facilities storing billions of gallons of toxic waste threaten America’s rivers and millions of people who live near them, according to a new report from the Environment Montana Research & Policy Center, U.S. PIRG Education Fund and the Frontier Group.

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