Groups says Montana lags behind other states in renewable energy

North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho have all experienced huge amounts of growth in wind generation in the past decade, causing them to leapfrog over Montana in total production.


What’s quelling the anxiety of electric-car drivers?

For charging deserts like Wyoming and Montana — which lack fast public stations — an agreement between governors represents their first major push to create electric corridors. 


Environment Montana claims chemicals dumped into Yellowstone River

Montana businesses are getting away with dumping chemicals into the Yellowstone River, a conservation group says in a new report.


Billings sugar cooperative released too much waste into the Yellowstone River 56 times, report says

A report issued Thursday by environmental watchdog groups says that Western Sugar Cooperative in Billings exceeded its permitted limit for releases into the Yellowstone River 56 times during a 21-month period.


Rosebud Coal Mine Exceeded Pollution Permit by 19,500 Percent

A report by Environment Montana states that in one instance, Western Energy's Rosebud Coal Mine in eastern Montana exceeded the allowed amount of pollution into area waterways by up to 19,500 percent.